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Travel Sickness!!!

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violetcakes Fri 12-Oct-12 10:15:54

My 2 year old has suddenly developed violent travel sickness!! She has travelled perfectly well since she was born but recently even a trip on the bus has produced violent,exorcist style projectile vomit!!!! There's no warning at all, it really is quite horrendous. I'm now dreading our half term trip to Cornwall which means a 4 hour plus car journey!!! I just wondered if anyone has any remedies etc as I'm sure there must be countless parents who have encountered this before!!As far as I'm aware there's nothing we can give her for it.

Also, completely unrelated but I picked up cbeebies mag today and it cost £2.50!!! I'm sure it was £2.00 last week!!

Thanks in advance!!! X

Madmog Fri 12-Oct-12 10:28:41

I totally sympathcize with this one - both myself and my daughter suffer from travel sickness. I find it helps if I drive, but obviously children can't do that.

We tend to avoid milk for 2/3 hours before a journey which I'm sure really does help. I also tend to make sure she's eaten something dry within an hour of travelling, ie toast, a biscuit and my daughter has travel bands. She still feels sick on occasions, but it has certainly reduced.

If travelling, always make sure you've got a clean top, wipes, tissues and a sick bag (my was always restless as a baby if she felt sick, but now goes quiet or looks pale so you may be able to get prepared).

Lorefolk Sat 13-Oct-12 20:38:57

Traveleeze are brilliant and children can take them from 2.

avenueone Sat 13-Oct-12 23:03:16

Agree with traveleeze, my DS only started with it at 4 yrs, I thought he had escaped my problems. Now he just has the tablet and he tends to maybe sleep a little more which is no problem on a long journey as he wakes refreshed when we arrive. He is now 7.

pigsinmud Sun 14-Oct-12 08:42:24

Yes to traveleeze. We used that on ds2 when he was little. He hated most of the others. We used to give it to him an hour before we left and it made him slightly sleepy.....I think it was that one that made him sleepy.

On holiday a couple of years ago he suddenly announced he felt sick just as we arrived at Tintagel castle - he got out and spectacularly threw up in the car park.

oricella Sun 14-Oct-12 08:49:57

traveleeze, wristbands, lots of towels and changes of clothes available (including for yourself) and we always have a little beach bucket handy, easier to catch/aim than a sickbag. Carry some big 2 liter bottles of water to rinse out, wash hands etc.

LeBoob Sun 14-Oct-12 08:55:32

Boots do an own brand travel sickness tablet that is fantastic! Not sure when you can give it to kids though! As someone that has tried everything I swear by these

ladymariner Sun 14-Oct-12 08:57:51

Avoid Jetlags, they used to make ds worse. I always give him Sturgeron which seem to do the trick.

And always take an empty ice cream tub lined with kitchen roll, it's a lot easier to hit than a carrier bag and doesn't fold in on itself at the first splat......

violetcakes Wed 17-Oct-12 10:29:19

Thanks everyone!! Will try traveleeze then! Always make sure we have spare clothes, towels etc. Thought I might get some of the bed liners for toilet training to line her car seat too as last time it literally went everywhere!! I'll be sitting in the back with her to be on hand. Sleepiness is a bonus too, hopefully she'll sleep most of the way! X

FireOverBabylon Wed 17-Oct-12 10:45:01

Another one for Traveleeze - this was the first year we've been on holiday and been able to go out in the car on the first day of the holiday. The previous 2 years, DS' car seat was stripped apart and in the laundrette to be washed because he'd been sick on it! 2 year olds can only have half a traveleeze though, which is my old bugbear. I couldn't cut them in half with scissors and end up biting them in half so they're sticky and you can't keep the other half for the return journey. You have to eat the other half yourself.

I also have a bag in the front passenger seat with a spare change of clothes, two carrier bags - one for wipes, tissues etc, one for sicky clothes, wipes, tissues and a bottle of water, so you're prepared if they are still sick. Also, if you're self catering, put your towels over the back of the chair in front of DC / over any clothes bags on the back seat. If they do projectile vomit, it's easier to clean towels than zipped up clothes bags.

Don't be tempted to put them in the front though - we did that with DS when he was two and he was switching the radio and electric front windows on and off with his feet from his car seat! He also kept trying to open the door handle, as the front seats don't have child locks and our car at the time was older and didn't have any sort of universal lock for all doors. I had to lock the front passenger door by pushing the button down from the back seat.

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