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DD 2yo bottom bleeding after poo. Sorry TMI. Anyone exp. similar with dc?

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timetochange70 Thu 11-Oct-12 11:39:57

About 2 weeks ago dd got really bad tummy ache and i was just about to drive to A + E because she was so distressed when she did the most enormous poo and was better. This happened on a couple more occassions and although she wasnt constipated she usually goes every day and now its every 3 days and quite hard. She has wanted me to hold her hand when she uses the potty , and so she didnt get a " thing " for not wanting to have a poo i`ve obliged and sat holding her hand, This went on all day a few days ago with her crying when she thought a poo was coming and obviously frightened from her previous experience.
Ive held her hand for the entire morning again today and eventually she did a poo which yes was a constipated one this time. i thought i saw some blood in it the other day but wed had a chilli night before and jusr assumed it was red kidney beans !!!
I wiped her bottom just now and the tissue was stained quite a lot with fresh blood. Ive looked at her bottom and there are several tiny lttle cracks outside and on the rim of her bottom.
Googling it i think its called a fissure and should heal.
has anyone else had any similar exp as it has upset her a lot and really frightened me.
her diet hasnt changed and she is still breastfed.
She has recently started drinking cows milk thats the only change.
Gp is giving me a call later but mumsnet is often very reassuing so thanks hopefull yx

Elibean Thu 11-Oct-12 11:44:37

dd2 had exactly that - I'm sure it was a fissure, treated it as such (vaseline and Metsomething - can't remember name but its yellow!) and made sure she didn't get constipated again, and she healed fast.

Cows milk can be very constipating to some children, I believe?

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