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What's biting my DD?

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Ginshizz Thu 11-Oct-12 09:43:45


DH and I are very confused. DD (21 weeks) keeps getting bitten by something and we are at a loss to work out what is biting her and what we can do to stop it / them.

The bites are oval shaped (c. 1 cm long) with a tiny raised bit in the middle. They can be in groups or on their own. They can occur during the day or at night. They have shown up on her legs, back, tummy, neck and face.

She sleeps in the same room as us and neither of us has bites - I react horrendously to flea and mosquito bites so I would be surprised if it was those as I don't think they would just bite her and not me.

The odd thing is that the bites disappear after about six hours. They don't seem to bother her that much.

We haven't seen any evidence of fleas or bed bugs, the only things we have seen are mosquitos but I didn't think they could get under / in clothes.

Does anyone have any ideas about what it could be?

We are totally stumped.

So far we are planning to blitz the house today - vacuuming, washing etc. Is there anything else we should do?

Thanks for any thoughts or advice you might have


PS we live in London so we don't think it could be anything exotic!

Tiggles Thu 11-Oct-12 10:16:54

are they definitely bites? Could they be an allergic reaction to something?

Ginshizz Thu 11-Oct-12 11:05:51

Could be ... I assumed they were bites because of the little raised bits in the middle but maybe that can happen with allergies?

cestlavielife Thu 11-Oct-12 12:51:28

my son used to come out in spots like this they disappeared. never found ou why or what.
check what she/you eats milk etc ? or allergies to material/wool/ fur?

Ginshizz Thu 11-Oct-12 15:43:44

Thank you both for your posts - I had not considered allergies but that makes total sense. I will have a think about what it could be.


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