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Hearing in a 3 year old - how to tell when theres an issue

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cuteable Wed 10-Oct-12 21:29:35

My ds is 3.5 yrs old. Im worried that he has a potential hearing issue. Everyday many times a day Ill say something to him in my normal volume (not quiet / not loud just normal) and he will say "What mummy". I say it again and again he says "what mummy" it can take a few attempts for him to hear. However I can sit next to him and whisper and he hears me fine first time. Sometimes when he has TV or music on he says "mummy I cant hear it" despite it being at an okay volume for me, DH and DD (1yr old but she dances to the music so we assume she can hear it...).

So how do I tell if I need to take this further or if he just isnt paying attention to what Im saying and therefore not hear me?

I should add that as a child I was deaf. I had an operation when I was 3 and was able to hear. I have had 7+ operations since for various ear issues. I havent had any issues since I was 12ish. My DH (DS's dad) had gromits in as a kid and some minor ear issues. DS passed his hearing test as a baby.

ChoccyJules Wed 10-Oct-12 21:35:56

Can you get your GP to refer him for a hearing test? The neonatal screen picks up a lot but isn't infallible. Also hearing can go down.

Fluctuating hearing loss can be caused by middle ear infections and audiology will be able to tell if that's a factor.

Also, there are children who have processing problems once they've heard the sound, that's something else to follow up if hearing tests come out 'normal'.

HTH smile

cuteable Wed 10-Oct-12 21:46:38

Thanks. I havent yet spoken to gp or HV as I keep telling myself that its normal 3 yr old behaviour and hes just not listening to me. Ill give my HV a call and see what she says. Oddly nursery never have the problem but I dont see him at nursery so cant see the scenario and his reaction.

cestlavielife Thu 11-Oct-12 12:54:01

get him refered to audipology for full hearing testing. given your history it is clear he needs to be tested properly.

if he says he cant ehar take him at his word and get proper testing done - GP or Hv should be able to refer to local paed audiology

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