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Unexplained rash

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YesThisTime Wed 10-Oct-12 16:47:23

DS (16mo) woke up this morning with a crazy rash. It was very patchy, in some places on his arms and legs it was just a large red patch with a few bumps. Then he had several big welts on his back and arms and one on his face. By breakfast they had all disappeared.

Then, after his nap, he woke up with a few more welts, which disappeared.

This afternoon (after nursing)he had a couple of welts back on his legs.

Most curious. He seems ok apart from that, a bit moany perhaps but I think that's probably his teeth/tiredness as he hasn't been sleeping well lately.

Any ideas? Could it be something in my milk? I've not eaten anything different though and he hasn't had anything like this before.

Tyniclogs Wed 10-Oct-12 16:53:21

Obviously I'm not a Doctor and don't know what your rash looks like but just wanted to say my 5 year old had a patchy unexplained rash last week that a Docter diagnosed as a viral infection..its gone now but it has set off ezcema and now Impetigo (although the Impetigo may be entirely unrelated!) My child was a bit unwell but not massively and had a slight temperature.

Tyniclogs Wed 10-Oct-12 16:55:37

...sorry just wanted to reassure that the ezcema is a known condition and not 'caused' by the viral infection. Merely making the point that children seem to produce rashes more frequently than adults when their immune system is under attack...and its not normally something to worry about too much.

YesThisTime Wed 10-Oct-12 18:30:29

Thanks Tyniclogs, very reassuring. I think Dr Google has pretty much diagnosed it as hives. No idea what is causing it though.

Tyniclogs Wed 10-Oct-12 18:41:00

Oh good, at least you're not the parent of a child who's been at school with Impetigo whilst his mother thinks he has ezcema (which is what it looked like when he left for school this morning!) If they had given me a list of all the hideous childhood ailments my 2DC seem to have had before starting a family I may be childless and sipping cocktails in St Tropez right now...I can but dream!

YesThisTime Wed 10-Oct-12 18:47:07

grin I had impetigo when I was a teenager. As if life as a teen wasn't hard enough, then half my face fell off.

Tyniclogs Wed 10-Oct-12 18:52:50

Ah yes life is hard, I bet it was the making of you though! I'm going to have to knit a balaclava tonight to hide the hideous contagion (DC is being sent to Grandparents tomorrow but DC younger still has to go in)...and hide when the letter from the school goes out telling the world there is a case of IMPETIGO...cue lots of tutting and people asking me who would do such a thing..."I have know idea" I shall say, "its dreadfully irresponsible".

Hope your DS manages to avoid any such worrying ailments x

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