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Shaving tonsils

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stickybean Wed 10-Oct-12 16:02:51

The ENT has recommended that my DD has her adenoids removed and her tonsils shaved down (as opposed to total removal.)
The rationale is that the tonsils are so large they interfere with her breathing but they don't actually get infected. Hence no need to get rid of them completely.

Does anyone have any experience of tonsil shaving in children?
I am told the recovery time is quicker. I'm looking for advice about what i can expect.

podgymumma Thu 11-Oct-12 21:07:27

Hi. My DS1 had his done when he was 2.5 and was up and about running without any problems after about 1hr. Never complained about a bad throat after and was eating normally the next day. He came home from hospital the same afternoon. He went back to nursery after a few days. DS2 seems to have exactly the same problem and i'm going to request the same op when I see his consultant next week.

I have noticed now DS1 is nearly 7 that they have become larger again (probably normal size for any other child).

The benefits I was told was that it cuts down the risk of bleeding after the op as well as the infection rates because the wound is sealed as they are shaved with a laser. Also because a portion of the tonsil is left behind it means its better for their immune system.

If you want any more info then just ask.

stickybean Fri 12-Oct-12 00:37:18

Podgumumma Thanks so much that's really helpful. I have never met anyone who has even heard of this let alone had it done.
It's great to know your DS didn't find it too bad. It sounds much easier than a full tonsillectomy.

Really appreciate you getting back to me smile

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