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What should I do?

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Maisydaisy34 Tue 09-Oct-12 16:36:58

Dd needs a filling, dentist referred her to dental hospital so she could be put under ga to have it done(she's 2.11) but when we were there the paeds dentist said as she would open her mouth for examination she would do the work under local anaesthetic and would send appointment in post
That was a month ago, dd's tooth is really bothering her a lot now, at least once a day, rang the hospital they say appointment could be another month!
Rang my normal dentist, receptionist given me appointment for next Tuesday but said cannot guarantee the dentist could do the filling as the hospital are more equipped to deal with very young children
Or I can go to the hospital as an emergency tomorrow morning BUT I have to be there by 8.30(don't drive) they will only take the first 5 people there and I could be waiting around for most of the day and its likely they will only give her a temp filling

Boardiegirl Tue 09-Oct-12 20:43:48

Cud anyone take u to the hosp? Or is it too far to get a taxi? Id try to b there by 8am tbh to be sure she was sorted. Evn a temp filling wud provide pain relief for her, poor thing. Go to the tuesday appt if u cant go tmoz cos u never kno, they may b able to do it. But the hosp tmoz wud b wot id do, if at all poss. Gd luck hun.

Sneezecakesmama Wed 10-Oct-12 20:51:59

Our dentist did a local anaesthetic injection to DD (3) to remove a partially broken front tooth. She was fine with it. Local anaesthetic gel on first. Kids of this age can be very difficult to deal with so maybe the temp dressing may be an idea.

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