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Toddler constipation

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3yo DD has been constipated now for about a week, in that she struggles to poo, it hurts and she cries but she always does manage it.
We've tried to up her fruit and vegetables but she doesn't seem to be getting any better. I don't want this to put her off and lead to further problems. Do I need to be doing anything at the moment - taking her to doctor? Are there any specific things other than more fruit and vegetables I should give her? I have some dates and raisins I can try (poor little thing grin)

Poledra Mon 08-Oct-12 09:43:20

Lots of water and juice etc to keep her hydrated. Will she eat liquorice? It's a natural laxative and would hopefully help soften her stools (though it will, IME, make her fart like a carthorse but that was a bomus in our house, as we laugh at farts blush). You can also give lactulose safely to that age (you'll get it at the chemist).

What's caused it, do you think? Has she been ill? You have my sympathy, DD1 had an immature bowel and suffered chronic constipation from weaning till she was about 6 sad

I didn't know you could get lactulose over the counter, will nip out later thanks. At the moment it's not a problem, as she is still pooing properly iyswim, but it does upset her and I don't want her to end up withholding her poo. I doubt she'd eat liquorice but I can try grin
Not sure what caused it. Possibly a couple of days of eating little but junk blush over birthday party weekend. Not sure why it hasn't sorted itself out after reverting to normal diet. She was sick a couple of times last night but I assume that's unrelated, which is why I asked about docs as I am off with her today so have the opportunity. (She is fine btw, running around, eating ,playing)

Will go and give her pear, raisins and orange juice as a snack grin

Poledra Mon 08-Oct-12 09:56:39

Hmmm - might be wirth ringing the surgery and asking for a telephone consult with a GP, just to be sure, given that she's vomited as well. TBH, my gut (arf!) reaction is that she is not well, and both the constipation and vomiting are a sign of that. I don't think the GP would sau anything else other than hydration, rest and all the other stuff you're doing, but it's good to be sure. Trust yourself on this, you can see her and you know her best.

Graciescotland Mon 08-Oct-12 10:01:34

Try sweetcorn as well, it does seem to make things easier.

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