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22 mths old - gastroenteritis and recovery

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mimmymouse Sun 07-Oct-12 08:48:04

My 22mth old DD has had a nasty bout of gastroenteritis. 3 days of 39+degree fever; stool sample taken by doctor (though results as yet unknown) and vomiting. Loose stools started about 10 days ago. Temp on Monday, stopped on Thursday. Loose stools stopped on Tues, but we've just had a corker about 20 minutes ago. Irritable, moaning and whinging constantly. This constant moaning and crying which means there is a lot of snot/mucus which I think she is swallowing and is making her feel worse.

She is absolutely refusing to eat. This has gone on since Monday. She is drinking plenty of water.

She's never been sick like this before. Is this generally a part of recovery from gastroenteritis? Should I be worried that it has been a week of not eating? Why don't doctors work Sundays?!!

All help gratefully received. Thanks.

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