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Has anyone's child had a bone graft?

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sleepyhead Wed 03-Oct-12 16:19:33

Ds (5) has an aneurysmal bone cyst in his arm which doesn't seem to be responding to steroids. The next option is removal of the cyst and then the hole in his radius will be packed with bone taken from his tibia.

We're seeing the consultant in about 6 weeks to review progress after his latest steroid injection, but it's very likely that the surgical procedure will be scheduled for shortly after this.

Obviously we'll get more information about the procedure and recovery when we see the consultant, but I'd be really grateful if anyone had any experience that they could share about pain levels/recovery/time off school etc.

When ds was in recovery yesterday the surgeon did mention that he'd be an inpatient this time and about casts but whether that's on the arm, leg or both I didn't think to ask at the time.

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