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knocking knees and flat foot?

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sambo79 Tue 02-Oct-12 19:42:36

Hi just wondering my son has knocking knees and is flat footed does anybody else's child have this if so do you notice that they fall over more than usual when they run my boy was 2 when this got diagnosed he is 8 now but unfortunately he has broken his leg(fibula) and a bone in his foot he was running and stumbled i do notice that he does fall over more than often and would just like to know if there is anybody else out there thats has this? many thanks

frazzledbutcalm Tue 02-Oct-12 20:09:54

Yes, me! And my 4dc!! They all have varying degrees of the problem. Dc3 is the most knock kneed whereas dc4 is the most 'flat footed'. There's no such thing as flat footed. It happens because the inside of the foot rolls in over causing the foot to be in the wrong position. We pay privately for orthotic insoles. The difference was immediate and dramatic! From knees and ankles knocking together all day and falling over frequently, to NO KNOCKING AND NO FALLING OVER instantly!! We have been referred NHS for insoles, but have been going for 18 months now and have not had a satisfactory pair of insoles. We are more than prepared to make sacrifices to pay for the private insoles as they truly are remarkable.

sambo79 Wed 03-Oct-12 11:18:56

Hi how much does a private orthotic insoles cost i must admit that i would be willing to pay anything to stop my poor son from falling over all the time.I find myself holding my breath as i just know what's going to happen when he starts running and all you can hear is "be careful" lol.

TirednessKills Wed 03-Oct-12 16:35:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frazzledbutcalm Wed 03-Oct-12 20:57:57

I pay £25 for the initial consultation then £75 for the orthotic insoles. The insoles just need replacing as dc feet grow, maybe only once a year, sometimes even longer. I don't mind paying as they make a HUGE difference. My NHS really are rubbish compared to my private ones. Privately, I've learned how the prescription in the insole works. They also measured dc hips, legs, ankles, foot position etc and built the insoles to the perfect degree angle for them. NHS just haven't catered for this anywhere near as well as the private ones.

OsteopathsAndPodiatrists Thu 11-Oct-12 13:34:22

Hi, I'm a podiatrist that specialises with children.
We find that orthotics (or insoles) help a huge amount with a whole range of issues with children. Balance and gross motor skills is one of those things that orthotics help improve.
You can get various types of orthotics through the NHS if you can get referred. You don't need referrals for private podiatrists.

frazzledbutcalm Fri 12-Oct-12 09:48:01

Hi Osteo ... I go privately for orthotics for my 4dc. My private podiatrist is fantastic. The results are fantastic. I wish more parents could understand the benefits. They really have transformed my dc lives, especially dd2 and ds2.
Sadly, NHS have not been so good for me. If they would only copy dc prescription from the private pod it would be great for me. I'm happy to pay though as they work so well. Keep up your good work! smile

Bunbaker Sat 13-Oct-12 10:48:04

DD has been under the podiatrist for flat feet for several years now. We have a fantastic NHS podiatrist who really understands DD's problem and generally prescribes new insoles every three months or so. There is no need to go private.

frazzledbutcalm Sat 13-Oct-12 11:41:08

bun maybe not always a need to go private but there certainly is in my case. The 4 different sets of NHS insoles (per child) have not yet been anywhere near as good as my private ones. I mean prescription wise, arch wise, everything ...

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