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How long do colds last?

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Cupcakemummy85 Mon 01-Oct-12 21:02:58

My dd is 15 months and has had a very bad cold for a week now. Her nose won't stop running and she is finding it hard to breathe through her nose. She had a high temp at the start of the cold and a week later it's gone back up again. So strange! I've done everything the doctor told me to do, Vicks vapour rub, water in the room, plug in vapour, calpol and nuropfen. I don't to keep giving her so much medicine surely it's not good for them? I don't know whether to try abd ride it out for a bit longer or call the doctor.

dikkertjedap Mon 01-Oct-12 21:12:50

It can be a bad sign that the temperature had come down for a few days and is now up again as it can indicate a secondary infection.

It is very important that you rule this out. You should get her seen tomorrow by a doctor to rule out pneumonia/tonsillitis/etc. etc. If no joy with your doctor take her to A&E to get her assessed by a paediatrician who got access to X-rays etc. If she gets really unwell before you can make an appointment then go to A&E.

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