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Lip tie in an 8mo

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Layana Sat 29-Sep-12 22:02:09

I'm about 99.9% positive that DD has Lip Tie. She's 8mo.

TBH it's taken until her top teeth have come through with a gap for it to twig - my MIL has a big gap, but I'm not convinced she's not LT (I think she might even be TT as she has said her Mum had difficulties feeding). I was so busy trying to get her latched in the early days that she was checked over for TT by everybody that met her. Nothing apparently.

Basically, I'm lead to believe there's not a huge amount you can do successfully once the adult teeth are through, but is it too late now her baby teeth are through?

Would having surgery to have it sorted even be a good idea...?

I'm assuming at 8mo she would need surgery.

I know my next step is her doc (or my HV - seeing her Tues as I have PND), but was just wondering what to do/what people have done.

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