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ongoing tummy ache in DD (5yrs old) - very worried

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allag Sat 29-Sep-12 19:01:24

she has been complaining on and off for a few months now but it for the most part disappeared after she went to the loo. it is always around her tummy button that she points at. Since she started school this year the pains are more frequent and more severe (she sometimes bends down and doesn't want to stand straight). She had one episode of diarrhoea - a couple of weeks ago when I think we all had a mild tummy bug - but since then the stool has been infrequent and hard. On Friday she complained in the morning but i took her to school as I had kept her home the previous day and she seemed absolutely fine all day. The teacher called us at lunchtime saying to pick her up as she was unwell - complaining of the tummy again, off her food. We picked her up - she looked very very pale but not in pain. Took her straight to the Ped at the Portland who asked for urine and blood sample (both done, waiting for result) and abdominal and renal scans - to be done on Monday. Today she is not in pain but still very pale and low in energy - we went to the Park for a little bit and after 40 mins she was crying of tiredness.
I know we are hopefully en route to getting aswers but would love to hear if anyone would have any thoughts on what this could be. She is generally healthy although after having glandular fever about 18 months ago (a bit more) she is always picking up bugs. Had a skin prick allergy test when they were testing her for asthma (she often has ongoing coughs but the doctors have not diagnosed it) and tested negative for all the main ones. Never had any food intolerances that we knew of although dislikes meat intensely and eats very little of it. Sorry this is long and disjointed but am very concerned about the ongoing nature of this (went to GP twice who fobbed off, basically) as well as her tiredness and paleness.
Any thoughts hugely appreciated. Thank you.

frazzledbutcalm Tue 09-Oct-12 13:22:38

My 3 dc had severe constipation over christmas a couple of years ago, following a bad bout of a virus. Dd1 was reasonable and sorted herself out. Dd2 was bad, very bad, not going for a poo at all for 11 days. Ds2 was absolutely horrific! Didn't poo anything at all for 17 days! He was by far the worst affected although dd2 was not far behind. Ds2 was prescribed lactulose, then movicol, then senna. He was eventually taking twice the adult dose of senna but still nothing happened! shock I have never seen a child look so desperately ill. I was convinced there was something seriously wrong with him. Pale doesn't even begin to describe his colour. He was beyond any pale I've ever known. He eventually got to the stage where he didn't even move anymore, he was just so lifeless. It was horrible, horrendous. We were prescribed suppositorys for both dd2 and ds2. My sister (a nurse) came and put these in for me (I'd tried with no success), they both absolutely blocked FILLED the toilet within half an hour!! Ds2 got off the toilet, got sorted, ran downstairs and played like he used to. He literally went from deaths door to bouncing normal with minutes. All because his backlog of poo was gone. Doc said the toxins were building up inside him making him so poorly. I thank the Lord for those torpedos that sorted/saved my dc.

MissBetseyTrotwood Tue 09-Oct-12 13:39:50

Yes - as in no worries.

NellyTheElephant Tue 09-Oct-12 14:24:29

I had a similar problem with my DD1, who is now 7 and pretty much tummy pain free. For about 2 and a half years until fairly recently she suffered from regular tummy pain. Mainly it was fairly low level and when it hit she would become pale and listless and unable to sleep. Occasionally really bad (i.e. screaming agony and DH and I wondering if it had been a grumbling appendix all along or something). Like you the first port of call was an x-ray, which showed constipation so she was put on movicol. Constipation was cleared, but tummy pain did not stop and continued to get worse. We were referred to a consultant and back and forth for various blood tests (coeliac ruled out). In between all of this she was very seriously ill and hospitalised for unconnected reasons, so we were sort of in the system and watched more closely (and I was more generally paranoid and pushy) than we might otherwise have been.

All along the consultant said to me that in his opinion the pain was simply a common childhood condition rather than anything serious. Putting it simply, we all have nerve endings through our gut, but our brains shut off any response to most of the sensations of food passing through our digestive system. In some children it takes some time for the signals to be shut down and that is why they suffer from pain and discomfort, they are 'feeling' everything and it is not nice. It usually resolves with time. As it did for my daughter.... as the consultant had said that it would........ that is not to say you shouldn't push to make sure all eventualities are ruled out, just that what at the time seemed like something very serious in my DD1 turned out not to be, and it's highly likely that there is no cause for alarm

The other thing that they do look out for is abdominal migraine, which is often a childhood precursor to adult migraines, so you might want to ask about that if it continues.

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