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Early morning nausea and sometimes vomitting in 6 year old dd

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HandbagAddiction Fri 28-Sep-12 12:06:47

So dd2 is very slight and often wakes up in the morning starving. Sometimes she gets to the point where I think she's so hungry that she starts to feel sick and she comes in and complains to us that she feels really 'sickie'. Up until now I have just thought of this as a metabolism / blood sugar thing, i.e. she's slight and therefore just needs constant snacks / filling up to keep her going and the situation is exacerbated in the morning because she's been asleep all night.

A couple of times though (and this morning this happened again which is what has prompted me to post), I took her down for some breakfast quickly only for her to tell me 5 minutes after finishing that it hadn't worked, she didn't feel right and then she threw up everything she'd just eaten. She was not clammy, no temp was jumping around very happily straight afterwards. Then she demolished a buttered muffin 15 minutes later. So this is most definitely not a bug.

So, I do intend now to take her to the doctors to see if there is an underlying issue of any kind here, but wanted to tap into the wisdom of Mumsnet too to see if anyone else have experienced anything like this with their child / children.

ProudNeathGirl Fri 28-Sep-12 12:09:55

Haven't experienced this overnight myself - just at other times of the day.
Could you keep some boiled sweets by the side of her bed, for her to have when she wakes up - a quick sugar hit to the blood stream? Glucose would be best. Or you could make a drink and add glucose powder to it for her to drink in bed when she wakes up?

ilovehugs Fri 28-Sep-12 23:54:58

My little boy is 7.5. He's very skinny too. He often complains of tummy aches in the morning. Is it happening allot? Sometimes kids just do puke for no apparent reason. My little boy has energy and is growing, so I'm not worried about the skinniness. I did take him to the Drs last year when he was complaining about tummy aches all the time. I was told that there are glands around the tummy which can be effect by virus and in children it can mean the have tummy aches and cramps.

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