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How can I find out what jabs/immunisations my 11yo has had??

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SoggySummer Fri 28-Sep-12 11:47:21

I have just received a letter from my childs GP saying that their records show DD has not had the full course of MMR.

We are a military family and moved house hell of a lot in her first 5 years of life. Different health authorities etc. The box that contained her little red book and lots of other stuff dissapeared in one of our more recent moves, so I cannot refer to that.

I cannot for the life of me remember what jabs she had except that I am pro vaccination and would have taken her to be vaccinated against everything she was called for. Eldest DD had all her jabs.

Is there any central record for each child I can refer to? How would our current health authority know she had not had the full MMR course? Will they be relying on info sent from her past GP only or the forms I filled in or will they be referring to a central record.

I am so confused. To make matters worse it says refer any questions to your school nurse or health visitor. DD is at a private school so the school nurse is not a community school nurse iykwim - she is an RGN school matron. As for health visitor - not had one for 6 years!

Help and advice and how to take this forward much appreciated.

SunsetsandSeagulls Mon 01-Oct-12 22:32:47

You could go back to the GP and ask what their records do show. Can you remember if your DD had a jab just before starting pre school? If so that was very likely to be the second and last MMR jab and that's maybe the one the GP's surgery thinks is missing. Even if you haven't had a HV for years you can still go and see your local one. It might be worth asking them what the impact would be of your DD getting the MMR jab even if she'd had the full course in the past. They probably want to get her sorted before puberty starts so she's covered on the rubella front.

stealthsquiggle Fri 05-Oct-12 10:51:14

You can certainly ask your current GP what they do have on record, and which GPs they have records from - if you can spot an obvious gap during which you know that DD did have jabs, then you could go looking (and/or, as others have said, ask what the implication of "over" immunising would be) I just had to call the GP to ask what jabs DD has had because she is a neglected second child I know I didn't have her red book with me for any all of her jabs, and there is a measles outbreak at school. With appropriate identification questions, they were happy to tell me dates of jabs over the 'phone (from the tone of the receptionist, I am guessing I was far from the first parent to have called).

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