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Has anyone ever experienced this?? (long sorry)

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chole1 Wed 26-Sep-12 07:43:41

My DD is 6 months old and loves her bottle. She has been weaning since around 5 months and loves her food.

For the last week DD has been slowly dropping out her two afternoon bottles only taking 1-2oz of formula milk. The other day she dropped them out all together so i have been trying to give her water or baby juice instead, but she will only take a couple of mouthfuls. She has also been really constipated which i put down to her change in food. This comes and go's but has got worse in the last week.

DD has been taking her morning bottle 6oz and evening bottle 8oz ok.

When giving DD her bottle last night she refused it and throw her head back and clamped her lips shut which is similar to what she has started to do since sunday.

Eventually DD took the bottle but only drunk 7oz instead of 8oz.
Again this morning DD done the same thing, DD finally took 4oz instead of 6oz.

My DD is sleeping the whole night, but hardly slepps for long periods in the day, my DD is alert, playing fine, DD is not grizzly, yesterday DD cried when i went out of the room which has never done.

I went to the doctors yesterday who has given me Lactulose to give my DD which i started last night. He listened to the bowls and said he can hear them trying to work. He said to do a food diary and come back in a weeks? time as this need to be monitored and DD may need to see a paediatrician. He also said this could be a behaval thing. He said to continue with her solids (which are Weetabix with banana cereal, veg and jars to give the veg a bit of taste).

DD has a dummy and has no issues sucking it, dd is chewing but has been for some time but no sign of any teeth and dd has none.

I am ringing the doctors again this morning as concerned that she has now started to refuse the morning and night bottle.

Has anyone ever experienced this???

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Wed 26-Sep-12 17:02:41

HAve you tried giving her fruit? Stewed pears, apples etc? Banana is quite a constipation causer ime.

chole1 Wed 26-Sep-12 20:30:04

Yeah i have given puree fruit but nothing seems to work. The banana is a baby ceral but i understand what you are saying.

See doc today who refered DD to hospital no heath issues which is good. HV said she has no marjor concerns after telling her DD daily routine with food the only thing is to try prune juice but add water to it. so will try that tomorrow, she also said to stop the Lactulose.

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