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dd has a grommet op coming up soon what can I expect?

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bigbuttons Tue 25-Sep-12 22:54:35

Should the post op stage be simple? Any advice very welcomesmile

JoyceDivision Tue 25-Sep-12 23:02:56

Hello bigbuttons. DD had a grommets op about year and half ago, grommets were in both ears.

The nurse at the centre was fantastic and DD was very happy to breathe in the 'magic sleep' so it was much easier on dh and I to take and leave her in theatre!

Post op, DD was wheeled out of theatre on the bed to the recovery room. She saw us waking down the corridor and waas a bit groggy and a bit upset but when she saw us became more distressed, however as soon as we were next to her talking and soothing her she settled down. Within acouple of hours she had drunk some water, eaten taost, got dressed and home, and she had a relaxing day playing and watching tv!

Touch wood she has had no issues following the op, her hearing is better (is just above the moderate hearing loss level so narrowly keeps avoiding a second op) the grommets have both fallen out of their own accord.

If all goes well you should be home same day, hopefully not too long at hospital, just plan for a free and easy day! hth's smile

bigbuttons Wed 26-Sep-12 21:15:58

thank you for telling me your experiencesmile Glad all went well with your dd. Did she have any earache afterwards?

SunshadesOfGrey Fri 28-Sep-12 12:56:17

Dd had hers done aged 4.5. Apart from going through the GA with her, which is awful for the parents it was very straightforward.
She didn't have gas, just IV anaesthetic (after having anaesthetic gel on her hand) which made her so floppy so quickly it was very scarey to see but perfectly normal so be warned.
The op was over in about 45mins (but she had her adenoids out too so it was longer than standard grommets op). When she came found she was confused and inconsolable for about 30 minutes - and very very thirsty.
She had some food and a good sleep and was home that evening. They looked after her so well at the hospital, she has fairly fond memories of the op.
Because she had her adenoids out she wasnt allowed back to pre school for a week, for just grommets they recommend a day off. Noone told dd that though, she was running around that evening like nothing had happened.
Her hearing improvement was amazing. Grommets are still in place over a year later and her hearing is perfect. We have to have twice yearly follow up appointments until the grommets fall out.
Good luck!

SkiBumMum Fri 28-Sep-12 14:12:56

Dd1 had hers out yesterday. She had gas & was v disorientated and upset afterwards. She didn't get done til half 5 so she was knackered and starving anyway. They made us wake her at 730 for food so she could go home. She was v sick and continued being sick (lasted 12h). At 11 they decided we should stay in. She's fine now. I'm knackered!! Hearing still poor but there was a lot of pus etc so that has to clear up.

Good luck

caloriesupplement Sun 30-Sep-12 22:05:46

DS had adenoids and grommets age 4.5 and woke from the operation very happy and remained that way. Sat up and ate and did lego immediately. No issues in recovery but was not allowed to pre school for 2 weeks due to adenoids. However the older children having ENT ops the same morning were all very distressed when they came round.

SkiBumMum Sun 30-Sep-12 22:11:30

Mine is 3.7. Think it's luck of the draw if they react to the drugs unfortunately. Poor love just keeps saying she still can't hear. Hope that improves soon!

HeartOfDixie Sun 30-Sep-12 22:20:22

My DD has had grommets in both ears twice, age 5 and 6, adenoids out and a tonsillectomy age 8, so three (well four but that's another tonsillectomy story!) ENT operations. She was fine each time and not distressed after the general anaesthetic, just a bit disorientated. The thing that I have noticed from watching all the other children having their operations is the calmer the parent the calmer the child. And the children who are prepared ( at age appropriate level) the most react the best. As for recovery with both time for grommets, it was amazing how quickly she recovered. we did have to watch for some noise being too loud until she got used to a normal hearing ability. the other bit of post op advice is that the anaesthetic can make some children or adults (!) rather emotional. With the grommets she was fine but we had a tougher time with the tonselictomy but that may be because she was older and it's a bigger operation.

bigbuttons Mon 01-Oct-12 18:07:05

Thank you everyone, it's very reassuring to hear things should be relatively simple. My dd is just 9 but has had reduced hearing since, well, foreverhmm. It has taken us this long to actually get them. Let's hope it helps her. smile

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