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Has my daughter got diabetes

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Jammiedodge Tue 25-Sep-12 15:14:08

Hi, this is my first time using this site and I am hoping somebody knows something about diabetes my 5 year old daughter sometimes wakes up with the shakes and after her breakfast this improves also she drinks a fair bit and always asks for food but is slightly underweight for her age she sometimes wakes up in the night screaming but I do realise this is normal in children as she is my 3 rd. I have taken her to the doctors and they have sent her for a blood test which she had this morning, it wasn't a fasting one so she had breakfast which was frosties and apple juice this was about 8 am and also at 9.30ish she had a custard cream and before we left a large glass of squash, and when they took her blood sugar it was 3.2 at 11am the nurses seemed to think this was low and asked if she had eatern they done a urine test and that was clear, they wanted to speak to a diabetic doctor but none was available, I phoned my doctors surgery and got told by the receptionist that it was ok and just give her something to eat, but I am worried that this is not normal,

QueenStromba Tue 25-Sep-12 17:33:37

That's definitely not diabetes - her blood sugar would be through the roof after all of that sugar. It does sound like she could have poor blood sugar control though which is probably from all the sugar and carbs she is eating which could lead to type 2 diabetes. Try to make sure she has some protein and fat with each since they slow the absorption of carbohydrates and help keep blood sugar more stable.

blondefriend Fri 28-Sep-12 21:27:34

These low blood sugars are quite worrying after so much sugar. My son has hyperinsulinsim, a very rare genetic condition which causes low blood sugars. You need to get her checked by an endocrinologist and ask to get her insulin levels checked during her hypos. You can buy a blood sugar monitor for £10-15 at any chemist so you could check her blood sugars yourself first thing in the morning. Anything below 4 is low, anything below 3.5 is worrying. Meanwhile make sure she is eating on a regular basis and give her a spoon of jam or sugar if you are worried she is low. High blood sugars can cause damage in the long term, low blood sugars can kill you. I'm not trying to scare you but I've been to hell and back with my boy and if I can stop one more person going through that then I'm happy.

Jammiedodge Tue 02-Oct-12 22:50:35

Hi blondefriend,
Thank you for replying I will be making another appointment to see the doctor as the rest of her results came back normal thank god, but the low blood sugar test would not have gone to the doctors, looking at my little girl she seems fine always active etc even when they took her blood sugar she wasn't quiet or sleepy so I do think I need to see what it's like for a few days but don't think she will be to keen on the test ;0( hopefully she just burns off food quickly like her Dad who is very slim and eats Lots will keep you informed x

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