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Sunken soft spot in 14 month old...

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timewastingonhere Mon 24-Sep-12 15:21:52

I have noticed over the last few days my son (14 months old) has a soft spot that is very sunken and is about two fingers wide, is this normal for this age? I thought it would almost be gone by now and certainly not sunken like a newborn? By coincidence we have gp appointment to update his prescription milk tomorrow so will ask then, but just wondered if any MN wisdom may help to prevent the hrs of googling ahead....

meddie Mon 24-Sep-12 15:53:34

fonatnelles close at different ages and are often varying in size. A sunken fontanelle can be a sign of dehydration, this would also show as reduced number of wet nappies. If he appears bright and alert and is drinking fine then it may just be a normal variant. If he is sleepy or off colour or his nappies aren't as wet as usual, or he is not drinking then I would get him checked out

timewastingonhere Mon 24-Sep-12 16:01:32

Thank you, I wasn't sure when they close I am sure my older boys had closed by now...he is fine in himself but thinking over the day he hasn't drunk much so I will see if it changes once I have encouraged more fluids - he loves his milk so if he doesn't drink much in the next few hours I will check after his downed his bedtime milk...

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