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bed wetting at nearly 8 :(

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crikeybill Mon 24-Sep-12 14:11:38

DD2 is still wetting the bed. She has always wet the bed since toddlerhood. back when she was 2 it was nearly every night. She had a brief dry spell around 6 for a few months but we are back to once every few weeks again now.
She wet it last night sad
She is 8 in December.

She does go to the toilet a lot. She wees too. Its not just a pychological thing. I have had many, many baths interupted becuase she " is bursting " even though I made she she went before I got in, or before she went to bed and she always empties a full bladder.

She has just moved to year 3 and her teacher approached me on friday at pick up and said that she is going to the toilet a lot and that it wa quite disruptive. Then at afterschool club the lady in charge said the same thing to me ! My mum has also mentioned it when she stayed there for the weekend.
I suppose I had sort of got used to it. I also assumed it was becuase she drinks a lot, but now all those comments in the same week and the bed wetting coming back has made me think ??

If I go to the GP about it what would they do if anything ?

I always make her go before bed, but she is 100% guaranteed to go at least twice in the night and if she doesnt.....wet bed. I have tried not letting ehr have a bedtime drink, but that doesnt work and she gets upset about not having water !!

Not sure what to do ?

ShatnersBassoon Mon 24-Sep-12 14:17:46

GP, without delay. What has stopped you from going sooner?

madwomanintheattic Mon 24-Sep-12 14:20:21

Yes, of course they will. It's disrupting her life.

(The frequent weeping in the daytime bit. The nighttime bit is still very normal at that age, but she is now old enough to try either desmo (meds) or an enuresis alarm to help with that.)

The daytime stuff is more important to get sorted though.

Fwiw, dd1 and ds1 were still wet every single night at 8. Every night. Dd1 stopped within three weeks using an enuresis alarm. Ds1 is trickster and has a number of issues, but is <touch wood> getting there at 10.5.

Of course you should take her to the gp. Even her teacher has told you this is not normal, and you recognize the urgency herself.

You will probably get referred for ultrasound and they will do dip tests etc for UTIs as a matter of course (they will pretty much deffo be neg, but are routine). Some clinics like to you to chart intake and voiding over a period of weeks (yes, this means weeing into a measuring jug) to get a better picture. Ds had full bloods and x rays and whatnot, but he was still daytime wetting as well.

In any case, get thee to the gp. It's not urgent, or anything to be embarrassed or ashamed about, just a routine thing that needs checking out and following through to make her life a bit easier.

madwomanintheattic Mon 24-Sep-12 14:21:54

Oh, actually, I just reread and she is only bed wetting once every couple of weeks. That is absolutely normal - they won't medicate or alarm for that.

But the daytime urgency needs checking, and once that's resolved, the nighttime stuff might stop completely. The night stuff is fine, just a pita whilst she finishes maturing.

madwomanintheattic Mon 24-Sep-12 14:22:36

'Drinks a lot' can also point to other stuff, too, so you do need to get it all checked out.

DameKewcumber Mon 24-Sep-12 14:24:46

Yes GP. Bet-wetting after 7 should be investigated by GP. Getting up twice in the night for a wee after going before bed doesn't sound normal to me. Wikipedia has some good infomration

DameKewcumber Mon 24-Sep-12 14:26:38

also just spotted its only every few weeks - 14% of night bed wetters will stop on their own. I don;t think there is any evidence that holding back drinks at beditme helps.

I would still go to GO to rule out cause such as UTI's, diabetes, sleep apnoea (though she would have other symptoms of those)

crikeybill Mon 24-Sep-12 14:34:06

Oh thank you for the replies.

Why havent I gone sooner ? Honestly I dont know. I kind of thought she would grow out of it blush and then I had a baby last year and just kind of dealt with the wet sheets in the mornings. The daytime frequency, if Im being honest Ive only really just noticed in the last month or so and now with the teachers saying its so painfully obvious.

Ive looked into it and Im not going to lie, I do worry that there is an emotional problem going on sad. DD2 is a handful and a half and she has found being the middle child and no longer the baby quite hard going I think. There has been lots of shouting from me while her behaviour has got worse and I suppose if im being honest i worry that its my fault. Im not looking for sympathy, im not sure Ive dealt with this properly but will do so now.

I have phoned GP. We have an appointment tonight at 5:35. Thank you.

DameKewcumber Mon 24-Sep-12 14:41:42

If she has gone 6 months without bed wetting its far more likely that the cause now is emotional.

crikeybill Mon 24-Sep-12 14:52:45

Oh sad....

Would that still make her pee so much in the day too ?
I feel like poop now. I will have a long chat with her tonight after the G.P I think.

DameKewcumber Mon 24-Sep-12 14:53:41

no point over analysing it now - wait and see what GP says - don;t focus on possible emotional causes without Also ruling out such things as bladder infections and diabetes.

smoothieooo Mon 24-Sep-12 15:14:50

DS1(12) was also bed-wetting intermittently (every couple of weeks) until the age of around 10. We tried no drinks at bedtime, waking him up to go etc. My worst fear was his year 6 trip away with the shool - I was wondering whether to get some discreet pull-ups but decided not to in the end as it would have been hideous for them to have been discovered by his mates.

I never made a big deal out of it but he would never tell me and I'd only know if I remembered to check his sheets. It just tailed off in the end - at least I hope so as it's been a long time since I checked (and I get both DS's to change their own sheets) grin

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