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Nit bites or Mosquitos? Help!

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permaquandry Fri 21-Sep-12 20:02:31

Dd1 has several, large bites on front of hairline (left side only) and a couple in hair near forehead. The do look like mosi bites, they are large and red. She had nits for the first time last summer and I thought she'd been bitten all over the head then by a mosi for a few days before I found the nits (very mild case). I just can't remember what they looked like, although I took pictures of the day I treated her hair and they are mostly round the nape and look much smaller.

Anybody had experience of bit bites/reactions that look like bug bites? Thanks everso.

shockers Fri 21-Sep-12 20:15:12

I have never noticed actual bite marks with head lice and I've been a parent, foster carer and now work in primary school. However, I realise that different people could have different reactions. Not much help I know... I just think that it would be unusual and could be something else. How old is your DD?

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