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Stress incontinence/overactive bladder?

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Gingermum2 Mon 17-Sep-12 09:38:58

Hi dd 6 is having episodes of incontinence and comes home from school having had to change pants at least once a day in school. If distressed, made to laugh she does it again. If I ask her if she needs the toilet she says no but guaranteed she will wet 5 minutes later. There are no problems at school or home but kids can be nasty and I'm worried she will come up against nastiness in the other children in school. The paediatrician said she needed to drink more for her bladder to work efficiently but it just makes it worse. It can smell . She has also started wetting the bed intermittently and is embarrassed to tell us her bed needs changing. She is overweight due to a coordination disorder but was dry at 2 and it just seems to be getting worse ???? Frustrating

needsomesunshine Mon 17-Sep-12 09:49:45

Sorry to hear that. It is very stressful. She does need to drink more even if it does make it worse at first so her bladder increases it's capacity. It's the same as your stomach, the more you eat the hungrier you are all the time iyswim. My son has been going to an enuresis nurse for a few years now to help him keep dry.He is 11 & still has accudents at night but is dry during the day.My other son went for a few months and is completely dry now, he is 9. The nurse said they had different reasons for incontinence and my older son has to take more responsibility. Her refusing to go could mean that she isn't taking responsibility or that she doesn't feel the need in time. Get her to measure her wee, sounds horrible but Is a good indicator of how much she passes and the colour. The darker it is the more she needs to drink. Hope that helps.

needsomesunshine Mon 17-Sep-12 09:59:01

I realise reading back my analogy didn't make much sensehmm what I meant was the bigger your bladder the more it can hold for longer so you have to persevere with this. My son has a chart to tick off how much he drinks. He has to have 8 cups a day, stop drinking an hour before bed & is not allowed diuretics ( drinks that trigger the bladder). These for him are apple juice, black currant squash and caffeine drinks like tea, coffee & hit chocolate. I notice a big difference when he does have these but I do let him occasionally as long as he drinks plenty of water.
I have written you too long posts and could tell you more as I have been going through it for years! Good luck op it does get better sometimes more naturally with age.

Gingermum2 Sun 23-Sep-12 15:58:06

Thank you - I was starting to lose my mind. The school has been really good - making her drink sip for sip, and they have a special thing between them that when she needs the toilet she raises a hanky and goes to the loo, the only child who can, but If she has an accident there are spare pairs of pants and scented bags to place the wet pants in. They hve been great as we wee usually does smell. I have to take a sample of it to take to the drs to test again for a UTI. Or diabetes (her dad is type 2) she drinks copious amounts sometimes and then I have to goad her into going to the loo. She won't go off her own back. It's hard not to tell her off because she knows she needs to go. I hope it gets better hrs had got worse as she has gotten older

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