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Loose front teeth should this have my 6yr old in tears of pain??

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I love your name dikkertjedap... My dad is dutch and my oma had his copies of the books from when he was little smile

dikkertjedap Sun 27-Jan-13 12:37:37

It may be a combination of pain and fear. Also, some kids get quite scared when they come out, especially the first ones, as sometimes it bleeds a little (but a little blood can look like a lot to a young child).

Me too grin

GrownupGoth Sun 27-Jan-13 10:37:50

I know... why bother? I did have to look twice though grin

GuG... I hadn't seen the second one when I posted but I reported when I noticed it, most boring sock puppet ever hmm

GrownupGoth Sun 27-Jan-13 10:22:33

You have two DS? Or are you replying to yourself? I'm confused.

For what it's worth, my experience is the same as Summer.

Both dd and ds1 always complain of pain with wobbly teeth so sounds normal enough to me.

The pain tends to lessen as the tooth gets looser

mummyemily Sun 27-Jan-13 10:01:51

My six yr old son was the same when his bottom teeth became loose, he wouldnt eat and was in pain I just gave him calpol and but bongela on the gums around the loose teeth. we were told by our dentist that it was quite common. He also had a cleft and I think it is due to their adult teeth sitting in unusual places. once his teeth fell out the adult teeth have come through in the right place (so far) But i would give your dentist a call if you are concerned.

barbrain Mon 06-Aug-12 21:15:14

I don't know but my six year old didn't have any pain at all with the wobbly teeth. There were things she couldn't eat - like apples and corn on the cob but in general no pain at all. Maybe a trip to the dentist to see if there's an infection or something? Just guessing.

mummyemily Mon 06-Aug-12 19:24:34

My son's bottom two teeth have today begun to loosen, one is visually loose the other you can just feel it, I am a little concerned as it has had him in tears and he is refusing to eat and says it hurts all the time, is it normal for them to be this painful he was born with a cleft and i know his adult teeth are all over the jaw should be overly concerned?

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