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Green poo after 16 week jabs

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dancingaroundmyhandbag Tue 24-Jul-12 11:59:35

Just wondering whether any other babies have suffered nappy issues following immunisations? Mine had her 16 week jabs two weeks ago and has been suffering from explosive, runny, often green poos ever since. GP sent off a sample for testing, which we are still awaiting results for. But I was told that we'd find out straight away if it was a viral infection so I'm assuming it isn't. GP told me not to worry but it's been going on nearly two weeks so I can't help it. Feeding is the same (she's exclusively bf) and she's her usual smiley self - doesn't seem to be in any pain. But sometimes the poos are the colour and consistency of pesto (!) and she can go up to eight times a day. Prior to this, she only went every few days. I can't help thinking the jabs are the cause. Any advice or similar experiences would be gratefully received! Thanks.

Megalosaurus Tue 24-Jul-12 12:04:15

None of mine had any reaction to their jabs but we did see plenty of green poo.

Have you been eating strawberries? Mine used to have this if I ate them then BFed. Any other changes in your diet could also affect your milk?

Accuracyrequired Tue 24-Jul-12 12:06:43

You should report it as an adverse vaccine reaction. That sounds quite serious. Eight runny green poos a day for two weeks? The GP will be reluctant to admit it's anything to do with the jabs. I hope someone with experience will be along soon.

dancingaroundmyhandbag Tue 24-Jul-12 12:24:30

No changes in my diet and, before this, she'd only ever had about three green poos in her life. As well as the pesto variety, we've also had green slimy, mucousy ones. And mustard with cottage cheesy bits in. Sorry to put anyone off their lunch!

Sossiges Tue 24-Jul-12 13:03:01

So sorry for her (and you too). My dd ran fevers and vomited regularly for a long time after her 3rd lot of jabs, at 9 months. Never again.

Sossiges Tue 24-Jul-12 13:04:40

Agree that you should report it

Accuracyrequired Tue 24-Jul-12 14:13:43

ps would you need to watch for dehydration by the way , it does seem to be a lot of diarrhoea

dancingaroundmyhandbag Tue 24-Jul-12 14:29:15

Thanks for all your advice. She is also weeing a lot and seems generally fine but I'm keeping a very close eye out for any signs of dehydration. We saw the GP last Thursday and I'm going to ask for another appointment if things have not cleared up in the next day or so. I will report it too. Thanks for the link Sossiges.

Sossiges Tue 24-Jul-12 15:04:45

you're welcome, all the best.

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