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4 days old pooing and trapped wind all night help

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bumptobabies Sun 22-Jul-12 14:50:04

one forgets after a 9yr age gap, he sleeps in moses basket. he is def windy even after hes burped several times coz when hes lifted out of basket after being unable to settle he lets out a hudge belch or wind just nervous coz my ds had colic for 18 mnths and i had postnatal depression because of it im on my own now so would find it hard if this happened again

Potol Sun 22-Jul-12 14:17:46

He's establishing your supply and his body is getting used to being outside your womb. He doesn't know day from night so although it seems like the night is relentless to you, and the day is manageable, he doesn't know the difference. Also, wind tends to be worse at night. Not sure why, but generally it does. There isn't much you can do, sorry, I know that's not useful. His feeding, winding etc will settle down in a bit. Just drink lots of tea, sleep when you can and tell yourself that 'this too shall pass'! And congratulations.

Rubirosa Sun 22-Jul-12 14:12:41

What makes you think he is windy? When you say put him down, do you mean in a basket or cot? It could be that he just needs to sleep with/on you at the moment.

bumptobabies Sun 22-Jul-12 14:07:04

sooo happy dc 3 is here he feeds and sleeps well in the day then from midnight till 5am its feed wind put down pooey nappy change put down still windy, wind put down then hes hungry again this cycle happens 4 times neither getting much sleep. i bf any help

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