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Constant clearing of throat in my 7 year old ? What could it be?

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mindermummy Tue 13-Mar-12 20:55:46

For about 6 months now,my son constantly coughs, like he is clearing his throat, does not sound chesty at all and is well in himself other than this. Sometimes it can go on for ages!! I finally went to doc who said his chest is clear, but said it could be asthma !?! I'm not entirely sure about this, although don't know much about it. He was given a blue pump and was told to do this twice a day and monitor levels on another pump and go back in 3 weeks. It's now been 4 days and I see no improvement at all. Any comments and suggestions??thank u

mindermummy Tue 13-Mar-12 20:56:32

He is 7. smile

Gunznroses Tue 13-Mar-12 21:00:27

Is there anything else a bit odd that he does that maybe you havent thought of before ? Im not trying to scare you but constant throat clearing could be first signs of a "tick" but im hoping its nothing for you and it will just pass.

uberalice Tue 13-Mar-12 21:03:07

My 7 year old did this too for a while a few months ago, but now you mention it, I've just realised he must have stopped. I never really got to the bottom of it, but he didn't seem to realise he was doing it. Sorry, that's not much help.

KristinaM Tue 13-Mar-12 21:06:21

I have similar symptoms and its asthma. I have a preventer to take twice a day and a reliever as necessary.

mindermummy Tue 13-Mar-12 21:31:23

Well, he can get really moany and irritable at home, but they say at school he is an angel. ....but then this could be any child after school!! Lol. He is very quiet and shy. He does average at school. But doesn't have many close friends. It's hard to say!!

QueenOfFlippingEverything Tue 13-Mar-12 21:35:15

DD did this for a while and we came to the conclusion it was a tic - she then went on to eye rolling/exaggerated blinking for a while, then back to throat clearing, then one day just stopped confused We never bothered taking her to the doctor as she had no other signs of it being a physical problem whatsoever.

Personally, if there were no other clinical signs, I wouldn't want to be giving inhalers. Can you get a second opinion on the possibility of asthma?

JasperJohns Tue 13-Mar-12 21:38:24

My ds was very prone to tics at age 6/7 (he's 9 now), and this sounds like one to me.

mindermummy Tue 13-Mar-12 21:49:21

Jasperjohn ; and is it still there now???!

workshy Tue 13-Mar-12 21:53:53

could be habitual cough

could be nasal drip irritating his throat (what does his breath smell like? always a clue)

could be an allergy -do you have pets?

if your doc has suggested the puffer then you need to persevere -it can take longer than a few days especially at this age as the inhalers take a bit of time to master and use correctly

JasperJohns Tue 13-Mar-12 21:59:42

Mindermummy - no, I am pleased to say, as when it was all going on, I was really concerned.

He had several but had them one at a time.

He had throat clearing (which could reach alarming levels!), blinking and a really strange noise he used to make when watching TV.

mindermummy Wed 14-Mar-12 07:55:56

Jasper johns : oh that's good to hear!! No u mention it, my son went through about 6 weeks of watching tv and making a noise (like a grunting noise)..... He only does this once in a while now, but as u just mentioned that it reminded me!! .......another thing to add to this thread is that he does seem to wake up abit bunged up most mornings and shuffling as well as coughing. I'm quite sure it is not asthma ... But not sure if it's a tic or the nasal drip thing!?!

Neefs Wed 14-Mar-12 08:45:03

My ds age 6 has had several tics, one blinking/eye-rolling, and other vocal ones that included humming, copying speech, and another weird noise that I can't even describe. I have been really concerned about it - enough to see the doc who has referred us (still waiting).

Have to say that your description immediately made me think 'tic' however it could well be mechanical (post-nasal drip) and just to try not to be too gloomy all of my sons tics have virtually disappeared now. His eye-rolling one btw is brought on by playing nintendo DS and by extended wii play......

Gunznroses Thu 15-Mar-12 17:51:45

Neefs - we've been through this sad, pm if you like to talk.

mindermummy Thu 15-Mar-12 19:53:48

Thank u everyone. I will cont with the asthma pump for the 3 weeks then go back to docs and tell home what I think, which for now I think has made no difference!

KristinaM Sat 17-Mar-12 17:04:59

Good plan OP. Remember, if its a preventor inhaler its a steroid so shouldnt be stopped without medical advice

Hope he gets better soon

olin818 Sat 08-Nov-14 22:33:24

Hi mindermummy, is your son's constant throat clearing gone?

Last summer, My then 5 year old son had a flu and had been coughing for a long time. Ever since then, he developed constant throat clearing along with morning cough. The pediatricians said he had post nasal drip caused by allergy. We gave him allergy drug but it did not help at all. Finally we took him to the ENT doctor. The ENT doctor put a camera into his throat and told us he has bacterial infection and put him on two weeks antibiotics. Now we are 9 days into the antibiotics and we have not seen any improvement. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!!

anonymous11223344 Wed 24-Feb-16 00:43:22

"He had several but had them one at a time.

He had throat clearing (which could reach alarming levels!), blinking and a really strange noise he used to make when watching TV."

@JasperJohns I had touretts started at age 7, exactly the same symptoms. If you see the frequency increase when he's watching things that bring tension (video games, tv, just stress in general by school, etc) that causes you to do more of that. Just coming from a guy who is now in his 30s, but had that as a kid so you have to ask about that eventually with an neurologist. Mine went away after late teens I think it was.

My son is now clearing his throat every 10 seconds, and coughing so I hope he doesn't have the same thing again. His started after having a cold. He cleared his throat, truly had saliva in his throat and did have to cough but when he continued after taking 2 rounds of medication (for his ear infection and his cough) it still continued.

anonymous11223344 Wed 24-Feb-16 00:45:26

@mindermummy, how about a report, did that ever go away? or...was he diagnosed with tourettes?

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