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Temperature of 39.8 in 13 month old baby

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YuleingFanjo Wed 18-Jan-12 18:37:51

I took him to the gp this morning who checked ears, mouth and chest and told me to keep an eye on it and keep giving paracetamol/ibrufen and so on.

His temperature was 39 overnight and I had him stripped to his nappy, calpol etc. This morning calpol again before the gp. His temperature goes down after calpol but then soars again within the 4 hours - up to 39.8. inbetween he is feeding (has been sick twice after feeding, breastfed, but not after every feed) is alert but as the calpol wears off he is hot, grumpy, sleepy...

what's the drill? just keep him stripped and keep an eye on him or should I go back to gp/call out of hours? I've read a few old threads so not too scared but not sure if it's ok for his temp to still be high after medication.

YuleingFanjo Wed 18-Jan-12 18:40:09

eyes, chest and mouth were ok by the way. gp thinks viral thing.

Imnotaslimjim Wed 18-Jan-12 18:43:16

Don't worry too much about the temp. A lot of researh has been done recently and its been found thata child can tolerate a high temp for a few days with no adverse effects. Its only when it spikes that it can possibly cause fabrile seziures.

For now, as long as he is alert, I would just keep an eye on him. The temp is helping him fight the infection. Obviously if you are worried they won't mind looking him over again

Househunter Wed 18-Jan-12 18:44:31

Might be worth ruling out a UTI. When my dd was 13 months she had a fever that wouldn't go down, and after her urine was checked it turned out to be a UTI.

south345 Wed 18-Jan-12 18:49:07

This happened to my friends son the other day, doc told her to alternate calpol and nurofen, he's still not 100% though.

YuleingFanjo Wed 18-Jan-12 19:01:59

thank you, that was my next qestion. I have been giving calpol but is it best to alternate? I have read different things.

Thanks too re the uti, I'll definitely ask if he doesn't get better. He's had 3 explosive poos today. sad

YuleingFanjo Wed 18-Jan-12 19:02:56

excuse the typing, baby is lying on me.

YuleingFanjo Fri 20-Jan-12 03:02:58

I am awake again at three am because the medication I gave him earlier has worn off and he's very hot, has a blocked nose and has been retching. Last night he was sick on me (after feeding) I think because of the mucus from the snot.

Should I be taking him back to the gp and if so is it best to not give calpol so the doctor can see what he's like? I am worried the medicine is just masking the symptoms but not actually helping him get better. He's cheery and active in the hours he has medication.

south345 Fri 20-Jan-12 03:16:17

I would keep giving him the medicine, can you ring the out of hours doctor he's been poorly a while now so they may visit you now.

essexmumma Fri 20-Jan-12 03:19:48

I am up too with my 21 month old DD. Blocked nose, temp etc. I would say see how you get on over the next day or so with alternating calpol an Nurofen. Slowly you should see the need to give meds reduces down. If not then take him back in a few days.

To help the mucus - steam will help this to clear and also using Karvol (sp?) oil on a muslin. Lots of water toosmile

Wish him better x

poppycat04 Fri 20-Jan-12 03:25:48

Hi I'm up too with 11 mo DS. Same. sad high temp. Keep giving the medicine. I'd call GP again, they never ever mind checking kids over if parents are worried. Hope all the little people get better soon.

poppycat04 Fri 20-Jan-12 03:27:15

Ps. Op sounds viral with explosive poos too

frankenonsense Fri 20-Jan-12 03:31:28

Hey, just a friendly hand's horrible, horrible when they are poorly. I know you will not feel beyter till he does. It does sound like a normal virus running its course but if you are still worried get him checked out of hours if necessary. Any decent doctor would not be bothered by being called by a worried mum. I have a friend who takes her kids straight to A&E the minute they get a temperature- she is not going to mess about and feels no guilt for it. Just in case you were worried enough to call the doctor but didn't want to bother them...

Hope he feeling much better soon.expectvhe'll be jumping around when you are lying down trying to recover smile

Up with snottery non sleeping baby here myself. Non mumsnetty hugs.

YuleingFanjo Fri 20-Jan-12 08:22:41

Thank you for the replies. He's had a fitful night and is still hot. He's also had a sticky eye which I've been wiping with breastmilk. No sick in the night but he does gag a bit and sometimes when trying to latch but I think that's because of the blocked nose. I'm knackered.

cakeslover Sat 21-Jan-12 08:59:11

Same here. Dd2 (9mo) has been very hot for the past 4 days, up to 39,3 yesterday. Feeding little and really sleepy but crying when put down for a nap. Called nhs direct yesterday and was told to alternate calpol and nurofren, keep her in light clothes or nappy but not sponge bath as it is not recommended anymore.
Will take her to the GP today so they can hopefully have her checked for infections.
It's very hard seeing her so unsettled and poorly. It breaks my heart.
Hope all your babies get well soon!

frankenonsense Sat 21-Jan-12 23:22:33

Hi again Yueling hope you are a bit rested now. Had no sleep at all myself, zombied through Friday, then had to follow my own advice on this thread as LO developed a scary looking rash OOH. Went to OOH hospital in the wee hours, it is a simple viral rash but the Doc could not have been kinder or more reassuring it was no bother to see us just to make sure.

Sleep well babies and mums.

PamPerdbrat Sun 29-Jan-12 15:48:03

<joins queue with 15mo ds>

Sticky eye started lasted weekend, which we got eye drops got but they've done bugger all. He's been off colour since yesterday, was sick this morning, slept loads and as soon as he got up from his nap, got onto the sofa and just laid down on his own sad he's got a temp of 39.9, and I've given calpol and a cool n soothe thing. Gutted for him, he's never like this!

skelyan Tue 09-Jul-13 07:06:25

Hi all
My 13th month old girl got vaccinated for MMR/Chickenpox and after 10 days she started getting very high fever ranging from 37-39.5 with no sign of any illness and no symptoms. The mood was great and she continued to behave as normal. We took the kid to hospital on the second day when her temp got to 38.3 and the doctor told us to give the baby temp reducing medicine e.g Panadol, Capol etc. On the 3rd day baby’s temp soared to 39.5 with a slight rash on her body and we rushed to hospital again. We consulted three pediatricians and all of them advised (well they were confident) that what our baby was going through had nothing to do with the vaccination since side effects for vaccination lasted 2 days and considering that there were no other symptoms, they deduced that it was some kind of a virus. As they never think out of the box and always go with the easiest option, they prescribed antibiotics. Not wanting to subject our child to this treatment, we consulted our relative who is a doctor in Russia and this is what we were advised: 5 - 10 days after vaccination possible specific vaccine reactions can take place, characterized by fever, symptoms of acute respiratory disease, a kind of rash - all of this is classified as "graft measles.". I am glad to say that she was right and the tempt dropped immediately on the fourth day to normal and the rash disappeared. Just as well we didn’t subject our child to unnecessary treatment of antibiotics.

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