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Sanderson OHP 1450 Toothpaste - where can I get some?

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Trojan1970 Thu 12-Jan-12 22:07:09

Hi there - does anyone know where I can buy some Sanderson OHP 1450 toothpaste please? DS1 aged 4 going on 14 wants 'the one they have at school' as the toothpase we have at home is 'disgusting'. Nevermind that it's the same one he's had for months and months. Thanks in advance.

littone Thu 12-Jan-12 23:30:31

Its made by this company

website gives contact details, but says for oral health programmes. Other web searches show it to be given by HV and dentists. Maybe ask school nurse. Meant to have milder taste than adult paste, and I think spearmint flavoured. I think boots own brand childrens toothpaste might have a spearmint one.

Hope some of this helps.

Trojan1970 Fri 13-Jan-12 08:22:48

Thanks very much. From I found on tinternet it seems to only be available via health professionals. I'll look in Boots asap for their own as I want to head this battle off before it starts!

littone Fri 13-Jan-12 21:27:55

Good luck, this is the Boots one

mymamamay Fri 28-Sep-12 10:12:49

Hi just searching for this toothpaste and have contacted the makers, if you phone them on 01777872015 and speak to Alison then you can order tubes of this miracle paste which according to my daughter is the best ever,so hopefully no more half used tubes of 'too hot' paste.

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