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Viral exanthem - not seen this before

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alysonpeaches Sat 26-Nov-11 18:23:23

Our three year old has red patches all over, some raised and bumpy some generalised blotches, swollen hands, a swollen upper lip and puffy eyes. The red bits are itchy and she doesnt like them being touched. She is irritable and running a temperature. I phoned our GP out of hours service this morning and waited 2 hours but they didnt get back to me so I took her to our walk in service. There she was diagnosed with viral exanthem, and I was told it was a viral illness with a rash a bit like many other childhood diseases eg slap cheek. She has been prescribed Piriton, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.

I havent seen anything like this before, its worrying. She doesnt look like the same child, her face is so puffy. Has anyone else had experience of it? How long before I see an improvement?

DeWe Sat 26-Nov-11 21:41:33

It does sound similar to slapped cheek, but I wouldn't like the swelling with it. It does sound more like an allergic reaction, but they do look similar. If it gets worse I would go to A & E, particularly if there's any more swelling.

Has she eaten/touched anything unusual, or have any known allergies?

Piriton should help if it's an allergy anyway.

alysonpeaches Sun 27-Nov-11 13:51:19

Well we had to go to A&E at 3 am due to being covered in hives. She is now on steroids for 3 days, plus piriton which doesnt do much if anything. Also antibiotics. The doctor said it was an allergic reaction which has caused a skin infection. We have to go to GP Tuesday and ask him to review and send for allergy tests. We are mystified as to what has caused it but the hives are extremely alarming as is the face swelling. I am at a bit of a loss as she doesnt look or seem like the same child.

DeWe Sun 27-Nov-11 19:33:56

Not totally surprised to hear, but slapped cheek and allergies can look very similar. Dd1 got diagnosed as allergies by our very experienced GP, which became obviously slapped cheek when dd2 came out in it too.

Obvious allergens I that she might have ate include, nuts, strawberries, pineapple (particularly fresh, I know sometimes you can be fine with tinned) kiwi fruit. Sometimes allergies can come on suddenly too.

Hope she's feeling better, if it gets worse again then go back. I know a child who reacts just like that with pineapple. Although she only ate one piece it completely covered her, started clearing and then returned with a vengence and they had to go back. Do keep an eye on her.

alysonpeaches Wed 30-Nov-11 10:28:15

Thank you for that. I went to our GP yesterday and he said she doesnt need allergy tests and its just viral. As her temp has gone up again and she has a cough I suppose he is right, as all the hives have gone. She had me up again in the night with a 38.5 temp.

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