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Brown snot in 4yr old with asthma - sign of more than just a cold?

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whenwillisleepagain Mon 24-Oct-11 08:14:41

I've got another thread on here about DS starting Reception class and becoming a bit less resilient to colds - having managed well on low doses of becotide and reliever inhaler for last 2 years. GP has stepped him up to brown from beige becotide and advised me that latest guidance is you step up brown inhaler massively at bedtime for the 1st week of a cold, combined with some reliever inhaler. DS was wheezing Thurs bedtime, and I wonder now if I should have begun stepping up sooner - had clocked him sneezing but he seemed absolutely fine. I started it all the minute I heard him wheezing and the wheeze disappeared as soon as he had 4 reliever puffs.

He's a bit short of breath and having 4x blue puff morning and teatime. At night he's breathing ok and he's hardly coughing, certainly not productive. DH and I have both noticed though that the big snotty sneezes he's doing are mid-dark brown - sorry about TMI aspects of this post btw - but he's not coughing up anything. Any wheeziness sounds like it's very much snot in his upper airways rather than down in his chest. GP already thinks I'm a bit anxious but I completely don't want to miss the opportunity to get on top of something before it gets worse IYSWIM.

Sorry this is long, just getting used to a new phase in his wheeziness - GP reluctant to diagnose asthma.

whenwillisleepagain Mon 24-Oct-11 09:45:42

Now wondering why I ignored my usual rule of thumb in life - if I'm worried enough to consider posting on MN, I usually head to GP. Am doing so at 11.30

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