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Getting a new inhaler when away from home

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SixthSenseofEntitlement Sun 23-Oct-11 03:57:50

I am visiting my parents at the other side of the uk from where dd1s blue inhaler is - we couldn't find it before we left, and she hardly ever needs it- she hasn't even been diagnosed w asthma or given a brown inhaler, but we do usually take it with us.

Some idiot smoking in the loo on the train seems to have set her cough off and the poor thing is coughing too much to sleep and getting a little bit wheezy.

If I turn up at minor injuries tomorrow, are they likely to help her?

She is 4.5

hayleysd Sun 23-Oct-11 04:34:29

I'd ring the out of hours doctor they'll give you one , minor injuries might help but might refer you to them.

louby86 Sun 23-Oct-11 04:43:01

Sometimes a pharmacy can give you one as an emergency prescription when you go in. I've had to get one from a tesco pharmacy before and they said they do it all the time, they just log your details in a book they keep. Could try there first rather than waiting around at a clinic/hospital on a weekend

SixthSenseofEntitlement Mon 24-Oct-11 00:26:55

Thanks all, I rang the out of hours service and they let us come in, we waited for quite a while, the dr gave dd a quick check over and prescribed a new inhaler. So all sorted!

Thanks :-)

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