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Can you have hand foot and mouth only on hands and knees?

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beatofthedrum Sat 22-Oct-11 07:41:45

Sounds silly question but took ds (9 months) to doc yest with all-over rash, partic bad round nappy area, thighs and wrists and little blistery pads on hands. She said thrush on bottom and suspected HFM - said if spots/blisters developed on feet we'd know for sure. They haven't developed there at all, but the spots on his knees have flared up. Any ideas?

Succubi Sat 22-Oct-11 08:01:26

My son just had hfm disease. Picked it up at nursery. He first got blisters in his mouth and we originally thought he was teething but the give away sign was the excess saliva. Far too much drooling to be teething. We then noticed spots around his genitalia and then his legs and arms. Nothing on hands and feet.

I get the impression it varies from child to child but we had make sure we kept his temperature down and made sure he was kept hydrated as it was too painful for him to eat. Took about 7 days to get better. As viral infections go it was pretty nasty. Good luck. As an aside dyphlam was our saviour for the pain in his mouth.

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