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Reception class - new bugs, new children. could this explain return of DS' viral wheeze?

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whenwillisleepagain Fri 21-Oct-11 11:08:34

DS, nearly 5, started Reception in mid-Sept. He had viral wheeze as a toddler but then seemingly moved onto allergic wheeziness in spring summer. It's all been well-controlled, but he's had a few episodes of evening wheeziness recently, all related to colds. GP has talked me through getting the best out of preventers and inhalers and increased the preventer dose. It's all really minor stuff, but I was talking to his teacher the other day and she said this will be the time of year when the new arrivals to Reception (rather than the group who 'did' nursery together at the school) will begin to succumb to things. It occurred to me this could be a reason for DS seeming a little less resilient at the moment. He was at another nursery and only had two days off in the last 2 years. Certainly don't want to be back in that place where you dread every cold - but if it's just a phase to be managed, then I feel more optimistic.

Wondered from your experience if there's any basis for my half-baked theory

MayDayChild Fri 21-Oct-11 19:03:14

DD was in nursery and preschool since age 1.
Just finished first half term of year R and she has a cold. She's fine but stuffy. She hadnt slowed down all term thus far. I'm curled up in bed feeling horrendous same cold.
Not sure where this stacks in your theory!

PoptartPoptart Sat 22-Oct-11 14:45:37

When DS started nursery at the age of 3 (having previously been looked after at home by his grannie) he caught every cough/cold/virus going. Then, when he started Reception the same thing happened (new bunch of kids and new germs). It was only really when he started Year 1 that he didn't seem to suffer as much and I put that down to the fact he has built up a certain resistance/immunity to the usual bugs that do the rounds. New environment and new kids = new germs.
It will get better!

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