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Poorly Christian Science relative visiting newborn twins

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alpenmama Thu 20-Oct-11 15:51:42

Dear all,

First I'd like to clear the air and say that I'm not against those that follow Christian Science - I'm just looking for support from other mums in a similar situation or would like to give some useful advice.

My husband and I don't have much in the way of family in the UK except for his mother whom is poorly with MS and her cousin we like to call "auntie". Auntie seems to have an illness that we can't figure out. She is a strong Christian Scientist and refuses to go to the doctor or have anything in the way of treatment (non spiritual). She fell ill shortly before we found out we were pregnant. A large growth appeared on her nose, causing her to bleed & scab with difficulty breathing and eating. It got so bad that she couldn't attend my father-in-law's funeral (he passed 2 days after discovering he was going to be a grandad.)

We thought it might be cancer, but just a short while ago her nose seems to be clearing up and now she seems to have just the odd wheeze. Before my father-in-law died he mentioned it could be nasal herpes. Does anyone know how safe it would be for young babies to be around someone with nasal herpes, if that is in fact what it is? Plus, does anyone have an idea of what this might be?

We really wish to keep in touch with her but are struggling with the issue of visiting as she would be very offended if we didn't want her to touch our babies. She is very touchy feelish. There is also a worry about her monthly Christian Science retreats for healing where there could be a spread of communicable diseases. Please tell me, am I being overly paranoid about these retreats and exposure to my babies?

My mother-in-law continues to receive angry and upset phone calls from Auntie about this issue, however when trying to explain why we are worried about seeing her she refuses to listen. Any suggestions on what you think Auntie might have, or about how we might go about handling this would be much appreciated! Meantime we've just been keeping our distance and sending cards in the post. Thank you for reading. Alpen Mama.

Reveller Thu 20-Oct-11 19:34:40

I agree with you, doesn't sound healthy and you wouldn't be good parents if you didn't try to protect your kids from catching god knows what it is.

I would be straight about the issue with her and explain that until you what what it is then you'd rather keep the kids away just for the meantime. If its nothing serious then it shouldnt take too long to clear up.

alpenmama Fri 21-Oct-11 09:14:06

Hi, yes I like the idea of waiting - it's just not worth the risk to save hurting her feelings. Thanks smile

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