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Ringworm on 3 month old's face - any GPs /dermatologists about?

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CAS77 Thu 20-Oct-11 14:43:03

My poor DD has got ringworm on her face (confirmed by GP a few days ago). Not sure how she got it, although it has been going around DS' school though he doesn't appear to have it yet so maybe from there...

Anyway, she had one large red patch on her cheek on Monday when I saw the GP and started treatment (Clotrimazole 1% cream). I was told to put it on twice a day for 2 weeks. A few things are worrying me though...

First, the ringworm patch doesn't appear to have improved despite the treatment (only 3 days I know but still). if anything it looks slightly worse (redder). Also, it looks like she might have 2 or 3 other small patches coming up on her face. Does this mean the treatment is not working? Should I go back to the GP?

Second, the GP told me to treat for 2 weeks. However, NHS direct says 4 weeks and the note that came home from my DS' school said that if anyone came down with ringworm then they should be treated for at least 6 weeks! Totally confused as to how long I should treat her for now.

Third, the GP said it was "not really" contagious - this seems contrary to everything I have read. I have been washing her sheets / grobags /clothes every day on a 60 degree wash. But, I haven't washed her car seat fabric / baby carrier etc as I just have too much to do at the moment! But, should I be doing this? Also, I'm not being really stopping my DS from touching DD (pretty hard to even if I wanted to!). Should I?

Sorry for long post. Just a big hassle I could do without in my very sleep deprived state <sorry for myself emoticon> Thanks in advance.

grumpypants Thu 20-Oct-11 14:48:59

Poor you. We have finally (fingers. Crossed) got to the end of ringworm, from the last week in august. I would wash thing often, and keep hygiene hand wipes around for your own peace of mind. Ttwo of mine got a small patch which responded well to terbinafin (sp?) And one ended up covered and on oral meds. One might have it, might be eczema. A gp friend suggested I looked at ptyriasis rosea (sp) online as it is similar. Patches did come out after treatment - remember to put the cream around the patch not just on it. Our gp was fab, I got really stressed by it and they kept going til they got it covered. It WILL go. I didn't catch it, nor did dh. (I hope)

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