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cough medicines???

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CharleyBucket Wed 19-Oct-11 15:58:39

My 3.10 ds had a really chesty cough and by the sounds of it a very sore throat! Hes had a minor temp but he seems ok in himself, although he is a bit tired.
Ive tried calpol, and ibuprofen, doesnt seem to be doing alot if im honest. I was still up most of the night with him! sad
Im tempted to but some cough medicine but I have heard that their useless and a waste of money.
Any one got any feedback or advice??

GhoulishGlendaFestersAgain Wed 19-Oct-11 16:01:14

You can't really buy anything that works TBH, they are all hopeless and any that may work a bit are not available for this age.

Regular paracetamol and plenty of warm drinks is good. You could try some plain Simple Linctus from chemist, basically just syrup, no worse than any branded medicine but about 1/3 of the price of tixylix type stuff

laptopwieldingharpy Wed 19-Oct-11 16:03:46

Can you get prospan or abrilar in the uk? Its an antispasmodic and expectorant made od ivy leaf tincture. Great stuff. Ask your pharmacist for advice.
Generally, keeping nose clear helps with night coughs. Try a few drops of olbas oil on bedsheet and a humidifier uf you have one.

CharleyBucket Wed 19-Oct-11 17:11:16

Ill look into that laptop, if not it looks like im just going to have to wait it out. Bit worried though as my friends ds has had the same thing for at least 6wks and counting! sad
Ghoulish have bin to the pharmacy and bought some syrup, although still doubtfull hmm, willing to try anything though!

bumbleymummy Wed 19-Oct-11 17:21:10

Try Manuka honey- it's great for sore throats and coughs. Would he drink a warm drink? Mine like camomile tea with honey when they have a sore throat.

CharleyBucket Wed 19-Oct-11 17:32:21

No hes not keen on warm drinks. He doesnt like honey either!
Bloody fussy children!! smile Although i think he may take it if i told him it was medicine! hmm Might be worth a try!

bumbleymummy Wed 19-Oct-11 18:17:10

Yes, worth a try! smile Manuka honey doesn't really taste like honey - it's thicker and not as sweet or something....definitely strange enough to pass for medicine! Make sure you get UMF 10+ or 15+

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