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DS is into week 4 of positive stool tests for e Coli 0157 - any ideas how long this could go on for?

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chocolateteabag Tue 18-Oct-11 13:51:31

Hi - looking for anyone else who has had experience of eColi food poisoning.

DH got the bug first - bloody diarrhea and really ill, we had to test DS (11 months) as a precaution even though he wasn't showing any signs. His test came back positive (presumptive to begin with but now confirmed) and we are now into our 4th week of 48 hour stool samples into our local hospital. Through that time DS has mostly been his normal well self, save a cold and 4 teeth coming through at once. He is getting vv bored at home though as obvs can't go back to nursery until he tests clean.

Any one else had this? Any ideas how long it takes for eColi to work its way out of a childs system? Having to juggle childcare with DH and grannies - but we are running out of favours and work are getting a bit peeved as I try to "work from Home" to look after him.

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