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13 month old fractured leg

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debbie1412 Fri 14-Oct-11 10:45:43


anyone with any experience with lo fractures?
my ds took a tumble 2 weeks a go, after a visit to A&E they X-ray him and said their may be a small hairline fracture on his shin. He was in cast for 7 days going back to the the fracture clinic on monday the X-ray was looked at by a fracture specialist and he said the X-ray looked fine he's examined my son and said their was def not any bone damage. ds has walked confidently since 11 months old. he not won't walk or stand alone and when i walk him it looks akward for him. I myself have never had any type on bone injury so I've never experienced life after a cast. Im starting to worry he'l never walk again as he's making no attempt to use his leg.

Any info welcome x

DeWe Fri 14-Oct-11 13:38:40

Ds twisted his ankle badly at about 18 months. For two weeks he refused to weight bare, despite several x-rays they couldn't find anything. When he did walk, he had his foot sort of twisted inwards.
Then he started walking properly and was fine within 24 hours.

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