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Blisters on baby's finger pads

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desertboot Thu 13-Oct-11 18:44:03

About 5 hours ago, I got home to a husband and nanny trying to soothe screaming 15month old baby that had fallen off the nanny's bed.
Nanny said that she had grabbed the baby before she hit the floor and had probably just got a fright.
Baby was pretty inconsolable so we put her in the car to get to doctors and she fell asleep about twenty minutes later, so we didn't go to doctors.
After waking she was happy, playing, eating, laughing etc.
Gave her bath before bed and only now just noticed burn blisters on her right hand's 3 fingers, like she's grabbed something hot.
They are clear and don't seem to be causing pain. I feel like hell for not seeing them before.
We have no idea how she has done it, Nanny swears black and blue she doesn't know, I am thinking light bulb.
I put some aloe vera on them and then we put her to bed, now I have been reading that blisters mean 2nd degree and she should go to hospital
Anyway, should we take her to hospital tonight (it's 9.30pm here now), but she is fast asleep.
I am scared she is going to lose feeling in her fingers. The biggest blister is about two thirds the size of one of her finger pads.
Thanks in advance for any help.

DeWe Thu 13-Oct-11 19:29:38

I wouldn't go to A & E. I doubt she will lose feeling. The rough guide I was told was if it's bigger than a 2p piece then you need to have it sorted.

Again my oldest fell of the bed twice, both times younger than 15 months. Both times she was pretty inconsolable, but it was just fright. Dd2 used to do it deliberately and let herself slide. confused

My ds (age 4) had a blister on his finger. He tells me he touched the oven, but he didn't tell me (he knows he shouldn't touch) and the first I knew was seeing the red area he'd picked the blister off from. I don't know when exactly he did it.blush

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