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if there is mumps around...

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jetzombie Thu 13-Oct-11 10:04:05


Does anyone know, if there is a case of mumps e.g. at nursery and my child has had the MMR, what are the chances of them catching it if they come into contact with it?


DeWe Thu 13-Oct-11 13:23:30

It's pretty low chance if they've had the booster at the preschool jabs. It might be worth asking your dr. if she feels that having the booster early would be a good idea if they haven't already had it. When measles was around here they did all boosters as it's meant to give a better protection.

I think rubella is the one that a certain (but small) number of jabs don't take, or it wears off quicker.

jetzombie Thu 13-Oct-11 16:21:14

Thanks for the reply.
DC is only 2 so hasn't had booster yet - I don't suppose there would be much point keeping her away from nursery though would there? she only goes 2 days a week (when I work).
Might give the dr a ring tomorrow or investigate a bit further at the nursery/online.
I do remember having mumps myself when I was a kid smile

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