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Light Sensitive During the Day

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Euler Thu 13-Oct-11 09:04:25

My baby girl is almost 3 months old. During the daytime she will not open her eyes when she lies on her back - the light seems too bright for her. She will open her eyes when sitting up. It is different at night time and she is quite happy to open her eys all the time and much wider. Somtimes, the lids can be quite red and sore looking when she has tried to open them, but can't.
At one month old I was told the gungy eyes were blocked tear ducts. This has now cleared up, though can be watery sometimes and also gungy in the morning after a long sleep. I went back to the docs at 1 1/2 months old worried about the sensitivity to daylight, but was made to feel like a neurotic first time mum and was put on antidepressants! It was only after speaking to the health visitor yesterday about my concerns, that she agreed that it is not normal. I got a docs appointment and baby is being referref to an childrens eye specialist. However, I am eager to know if anyone has experienced this or has any idea what it may be. The doctor didn't know.
Please don't scare with me blindness or really bad things as I am worried enough!!
Thank you

parttimedomesticgoddess Thu 13-Oct-11 09:21:30

Hi. My cousin's DD had a similar sounding problem (although only became apparent as she got a bit older, I think everyone just thought she was a grumpy baby before that, she did also have reflux) When she had outgrown the reflux, it got to the point where she would scream if she went outside without sunglasses on.
It turned out that she had some kind of eczema on her eyes. I think it's rare, but that's what she had. I think the main treatment was eye drops, and within a few weeks, she was a different child.
Good luck with getting some help for your DD.

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