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Best (not too pricey) natural products for toddler with keratosis pilaris

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WeeLors Wed 12-Oct-11 09:05:49

Hi there,
I've already posted this on the parenting forum but was told it would be useful to post here and in the allergies board too. My 20mth old DS has always had slightly sensitive skin but lately its gotten really bad. He suffers from bumpy (and at the mo red and angry looking) skin on his arms and face, and recently this has spread onto his trunk. This "rash" seemed purely cosmetic and didn't seem to bother him so I did a bit of online research and came up with keratosis pilaris (which I've since had confirmed by gp).

Anyway, although there is no cure for this as such, it seems like there are a lot of chemicals that can aggravate it so we decided it was time to switch to all natural products. I ended up ordering some trial sizes of Burt's Bees Baby Bee products and LOVE them (DS skin is responding well too). The only problem is they are just so expensive that I don't know if we could afford to keep buying them. Have came across a few cheaper ranges such as the Tesco BNatural Baby range and Halo's N Horns. Was just wondering if anyone knew if these products are as good as the more expensive ones and just how "natural" they were in comparison too. Looks to me like there are still a long list of chemicals on them and can't find much info online.

Anyone with experience of keratosis pilaris that can suggest some good products for babies would be much appreciated too

Thanks x

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