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erections in young ds - a question

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DestinationUnknown Mon 10-Oct-11 20:47:23

ds is 4, has often complained that his willy hurts "it goes hard" and I suspected he may have a tight foreskin. I noticed the last couple of times he's had an erection (in the bath) that his willy sticks out at about 90 degrees, rather than pointing up. Just wondering if this is usual at this age or if it might be another indicator of tight foreskin?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Tue 11-Oct-11 03:48:23

Boys of that age often say "it hurts" when they mean "it feels weird". Wouldn't be too worried about a tight foreskin at this point, leave it a year or three, unless there are obvious signs of ballanitis.

(DH was circumcised at 6 months, DS1 had a tight foreskin that resolved itself, so I always wonder about DH. Not that it matters in the long run.)

summer111 Tue 11-Oct-11 17:21:00

A urologist told me that when little boys play with their willies, it helps to loesen the foreskin if it's a little tight. Worked for ds wink

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