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Conjunctivitis or just related to teething/cold?

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Limy Mon 10-Oct-11 17:09:57

Hi my 9 mo DD is suffering with either a bad cold or teething, not sure which, she definantely has her top two teeth coming through because I can see them but she also has a very green snotty nose (sorry I know its gross). She has had two very unsettled nights and had a slightly raised temp (just under 39) yesterday but is back at normal temp today. I cannot get her into the docs until tomorrow and tbh wouldn't normally bother apart from the yellow gunk that has appered in her eyes, the only trouble is I should be looking after my 13 mo nephew tomorrow and I am concerned that she could have conjunctivitis and I don't want her to pass it on. Her eyes also look red and sore. Any advice/opinions would be gratefully received.

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