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DS (4) with High fever, aching body, and infection in willy?

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ratflavouredjelly Mon 10-Oct-11 08:03:46

Hello. Has anybody's DC had this? My DS (4) seems to get it at least once a year and it's horrible. His willy hurts, so
Sometimes it hurts when he wees. Sometimes he can't wee.

Took him to out of hours docs over weekend who said it was thrush. I don't think it is. Since then he developed a fever (very hard to control). Distinguishing factor is: the fever doesn't break and he can't sweat it out. He says his body hurts all over and gets boiling hot.
Going to take to docs again tday, am just dozing up on Calpol andneurofwn at mo, poor little thing.

bagelmonkey Mon 10-Oct-11 08:23:56

Poor thing.
If you can't get an early GP appointment or his temp doesn't come down with calpol I'd take him to A&E. sad
Hope he's feeling better soon.

MoreBeta Mon 10-Oct-11 08:29:12

It sounds very like balanitis. DS2 had this repeatedly around that age and he eventually had to have a cicumcision. Repeated rounds of infection due to the fact that the opening in his foreskin was too small and the urine got trapped under there, leaving a breeding ground for bacteria.

Very painful and distressing. Short term treatment with antibiotics will cure it but it just comes back. Our GP did not diagnose it at all and we eventually got a referal to a hospital paediatric consultant after a lot of pushing.

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