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Chickenpox? Or, ahem, flea bites?

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Backinthebox Sat 08-Oct-11 16:26:45

DS (13 months) has come up in big, big spots on his legs. There are about 8 of them, and they are all on one leg except for one spot on the other. He doesn't seem ill, hasn't got a temperature, isn't lethargic, or indeed any different to normal. I have gone back to work this week after mat leave and have to pass very stringent exams, so OH has been taking DS to sleep with him in the annex so I can get a good night's sleep (we have complicated sleeping arrangements atm. See the next thread I'm about to put up in the Sleep section if you are nosey.) He said the blanket that is in there that he used one night may possibly have been in contact with cats, or dogs, or maybe even both. Now the animals in question are probably flea-free, but the possibility is there with all animals.

So does my son have chickenpox or bites? I have no idea what either would look like!

beautifulgirls Sat 08-Oct-11 17:25:48

Chickenpox spots will usually start to blister within a matter of hours so should know pretty soon if it is that.

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