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Have we got the chicken Pox?

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Gracie123 Fri 07-Oct-11 23:00:41

I'm hoping for some anecdotal experience (as I know medically we can't confirm until they get spots).

My 3yo has complained a lot recently about being 'too tired' do do anything (including 'watch a movie' or eat dinner etc). I thought he was just being whiny. He also seemed a bit dazed confused this afternoon (and very poorly behaved!)

He did however do a poo on the toilet (finally!) and as a treat dh took him out and let him eat TWO Krispy Kreme donuts. Unsurprisingly he vomited.

However, that was nearly four hours ago and he's still vomiting.

A child we see regularly had chicken pox this week. Could this be the start of it? Need to know ASAP as my sister is pregnant and won't want her children near mine if it is (they haven't had it yet either).

rednose Fri 07-Oct-11 23:11:17

My dd has just recovered from chicken pox and had that overwhelming tiredness leading up to it but no vomiting.
The first indication to us was the lethargy with one prominent spot and poor appetite. Like you our radar was up though as another child had recently had this in dd's company. Shw went on to have 60+ spots and a temp but no itch so each child different.
I think that at this age with school recently resuming the bugs are out there! My 3 year old dd has not completed a full week of school yet!

rednose Fri 07-Oct-11 23:14:27

Also if your ds has chicken pox the incubation period is pre spots and once blisters turn to crusts he is no longer infectious

Gracie123 Fri 07-Oct-11 23:21:38

Feel so sorry for him :0(

He vomits every time he drinks anything. No spots yet though.

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