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Shallow hip sockets and Pavlik's Harness

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CBear6 Fri 07-Oct-11 19:20:19

DD is three weeks old and was a breech baby with a family history of CHD (I had it), so she was referred for a hip scan. We had the scan today and apparently her hip sockets are slightly shallower than they would like, they're 56 and 58 (millimetres?) respectively whereas they consider anything over 60 to be the norm. Also her left hip joint, while not dislocated, isn't sitting as deeply in the socket as it should.

They've decided to rescan in two weeks time as it may correct itself in this time with her being so small and it being such a mild case. If it doesn't then she will need to go into a harness but they haven't said how long for. To be honest I've been a bit upset about it, a mix of unfounded guilt and worry for my little girl.

Has anyone gone for a rescan and found the problem has corrected itself? And does anyone have experience of a Pavlik's Harness? I want to be prepared so it's not such a shock if she needs one.

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