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Someone here told me about a medicine dummy thing , can anyone point me in the right direction?

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HarrietJones Fri 07-Oct-11 10:49:51


Seona1973 Fri 07-Oct-11 11:19:23

boots sell them

HarrietJones Fri 07-Oct-11 11:54:46

Ours doesn't & hadn't heard of them. They phoned the nearest two & neither knew what I was talking about.

JillyWillyPops Fri 07-Oct-11 12:01:12

Mothercare do them. Can't link as I'm on my phone but if you go to mothercare website and search for medicine dispenser it'll come up. They're £5.99

headfairy Fri 07-Oct-11 12:04:05

I ordered one online from mothercare and collected it instore (couldnt' face paying almost as much for postage as for the dummy)

I havent used it yet because annoyingly dd got better before I got it grin

HarrietJones Fri 07-Oct-11 12:11:14

Thanks , will have to be online as no shops here

Seona1973 Fri 07-Oct-11 13:44:54

boots have them online

HarrietJones Fri 07-Oct-11 14:02:07


fourkids Fri 07-Oct-11 20:25:14

some local chemists have them - ours does

missnevermind Fri 07-Oct-11 20:33:45

Poundland has them too.

HarrietJones Fri 07-Oct-11 20:43:53

At the moment?

Local chemists didn't have any.

Boots online can't deliver until next Friday at the soonest. Might be worth it for next tome but not now. Boots shop say they can't get them

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